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What do we do?

Experience Design

Ultimately, we create things to delight our end-users; whether it is a business, a retail store customer or a consumer/user of a financial institution's web site.

At the heart, we want them to come back and use again what we designed and implemented. And that's what a great experience can make: create memorable moments that they want to live again.

Here we are, let us help you achieve it.

Interaction and Visual Design

While Experience Design addresses the overall goal and a holistic approach to the application, Interaction Design digs into the details, including the desired forms of how users should interact with the system or application, how, when and in what format the underlying Information Architecture should serve the required bits of data, etc.

Visual Design deals with the actual look & feel of the application, in harmony with the desired interaction and experience to be delivered to the end user.

Advanced Interaction Technologies

We have experience with the latest, the grooviest, the fanciest and the most effective. And honestly, it is about effectiveness. That's what the building blocks of any implementation need to deliver when interfacing to the user. Our understanding and long-term experience in gesture, touch, spoken language and multimodal interaction technologies, as well as in internet of things and sensor technologies, guarantee that our implementations have a bleeding edge and will make you come back again to work with us. Period.


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